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 My 1: 1 Coaching Options

  A  stand alone coaching session to get you started and experience working together.

A 12 week programme  to build the foundations to optimise your health and achieve your goals.

The Coaching Process

The first step is to complete a nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire which is digitally sent out and easy to complete. This gives me detailed information about your goals, current nutrition, lifestyle, health issues and symptoms. Once this is returned to me then we will set up the first appointment date and time.

Each programme includes the following:

  • An initial consultation to assess your health, nutrition and lifestyle in detail (60 minutes).

  • Follow up consultations (30 minutes) - the number of these depends on the programme chosen.

  • Email support as required throughout the programme.

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan (send via e mail after appointments) which includes bespoke recommendations, meal suggestions, relevant recipes and resources to support your health goals.

  • Supplement plan and a review of drug / supplement interactions (if relevant). 

  • Discount on supplements from the Natural Dispensary.

  • Diagnostic testing recommendations and interpretation of any results (if relevant).

Functional Testing

Testing may also be recommended as part of your programme  if it’s appropriate and within your budget. 

Stool testing

The GI EcologiX is a gut health and microbiome test by Invivo Clinical which I regularly use this with clients as it can provide valuable information as to what is going on in terms of digestive function, inflammation, immune function, levels of beneficial bacteria and also less desirable species like parasites and candida. Find out more through this link and download a sample report. GI EcologiX | Gut Health & Microbiome Stool Test | Invivo (

Adrenal Stress Profile

It can be useful to determine your levels of cortisol throughout the day - this stress hormone should be in balance but if it's  too high or too low it can be the driver of many symptoms.   

Adrenal Stress Profile | Genova Diagnostics | Europe (

The  tests are not included in the cost of the programme but maybe purchased as add ons.

Interested in working together?

If you're wondering if one of my  coaching programmes would benefit you, I offer a complimentary discovery call.

In this session we can see if we are the right fit for each other and discuss how I could support you to get your health back on track.

Simply get in touch to book your no obligation free session.


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