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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Food is powerful! It can provide our bodies with energy and supply nutrients that work together to help us feel great.  However, lifestyle pressures and our hectic lives, juggling families and work don’t always make it easy to make food choices that support our bodies systems and help us function at our best. Nutritional Therapists can help you achieve this!   

What I love about Nutritional Therapy is that it doesn't just treat the symptoms but finds out why they arose in the first place.

How can Nutritional Therapy help?

  • Nutritional therapists understand how nutrients and lifestyles can affect how our bodies function. We use the functional medicine approach which looks at the body as a whole enabling us to identify and address imbalances which may be at the root of health issues.

  • Nutritional therapy is a complementary medicine which involves using the latest nutritional science and evidence-based research to support great health and wellbeing -  using nutrition to enable the body to work at its best.

  • It involves a personalised approach as we are all unique. There is no one specific diet that suits everyone so tailor-made nutrition plans are created for you rather than a ‘’one approach fits all’’

  • Everyone can benefit from nutritional therapy. It can address health concerns like sluggish digestion, skin issues or low energy. It can help with weight loss without counting calories!  It can also assist with maximizing sporting performance at all levels whether you are into endurance running or are keen to build muscle.


Please note: Nutritional therapy is not a replacement for medical care but can work alongside it. Nutrition programmes can be communicated with other healthcare professionals involved, if required. Clients with ‘red flag’ symptoms are also referred to a medical professional for further investigation.


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