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Here's some of my favourite  books which focus on gut health.   I recommend these as they will help you get a better understanding of certain health issues and improve not just digestive health but  also your  overall health and wellbeing. 

Immunity : The Science of Staying Well
by Dr Jenna Macciochi

A must read to better understand our immune system which our digestive system is a huge part of.

The book explains in a clear, interesting and science backed way all about how our complex immune system works and how nutrition can support immunity.  I was particularly interested in the chapter on stress and how it disrupts immunity.  Stress is often an overlooked factor in our health, especially when we have digestive issues and this was an important reminder.

Mindful Eating 
by Jan Chozen Bays

Mindful eating can be a game changer for our digestive wellbeing and this book provides a clear and informative guide about how to listen to our bodies and bring our full attention to eating.  She outlines six simple guidelines for mindful eating which are easy to apply and will not only support our digestion process but can help restore a healthy relationship with food.

The Digestive Health Solution
by Benjamin Brown

A well researched, evidence based book which explains clearly the natural solutions to improve your digestive health.  

A really good, accessible read as Ben Brown clearly explains  all the tools you need to reduce digestive discomfort and improve your gut health in a personalised 5 step plan.

The Psychobiotic Revolution
by Scott C Anderson

A great read al about how your gut health affects you mental health.   It explains how you can support your microbiome to improve your mental wellbeing and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

by Guilia Enders

This book reveals the latest science about our amazing digestive system.  It's an informative and entertaining read which explains the inner workings of our gut and the vital role it plays for our health.

Beyond Digestion
by Dr Laura M. Brown ND

A great book to help you understand why a gut first approach to health can be so effective. This book explains the many ways that your gut health relates to your overall health. 


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