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Some words from my lovely clients...

I have been working with Joanne since lockdown on a number of health, welfare and digestive issues. The Lab results she arranged were extremely comprehensive and complex although Joanne was able to analyse them and simplify them to explain my symptoms. She  progressively targeted each issue with dietary changes and supplements and I am so pleased that my digestive issues and reaction to certain food types has vastly improved along with my overall well being. I look forward to my sessions with Joanne and her uplifting and positive outlook and can highly recommend her to listen, analyse and recommend ongoing improvements to better health.

LC September 2021

Before I started working with Joanne, my health was generally very bad. My stomach was always bloated, I constantly felt nauseous and always had a headache. I was exhausted with absolutely no energy at all and was going to bed between 8 and 9 pm every night.  Within 2 weeks of my initial Consultation with Joanne, I felt so much better. My stomach felt better and the nausea and headaches disappeared. I found I had much more energy and just felt better in general.

I can’t believe how much better I feel. I used to come in from work and was so tired I couldn’t drag myself off the sofa. I also struggled to motivate myself to get up and do something on a weekend, preferring to sit and watch tv.  Now I have so much more energy and get so much more done. I’m now exercising more and my Husband and I are going out for walks, or day trips whenever we can, which I had neither the inclination or energy for, prior to working with Joanne. As well as feeling so much better, I have also lost inches and pounds and my clothes are now either a lot looser or way too big.

If you asked me what my favourite part of working with Joanne was I would say it is learning how simple changes can make such a massive difference to the way you feel on a day to day basis. If you were to ask if I would recommend working with Joanne, I would say 1000% yes, in a heartbeat,  it is no exaggeration to say has helped me to totally change my life for the better. I used to feel like I was just existing and now I feel like I am living.

LMC Oct 2021

I have no hesitation in recommending Joanne. She has helped me immensely with her knowledge and advice. After speaking to her the first time on the phone I knew I would get along just fine. She is very approachable, easy to talk to, friendly, encouraging and is quick to respond to any questions I have.  Overall I am extremely happy and look forward to continuing working with her in the future.

JG , Sept 2020

I have been working with Joanne for the past few months to try and improve my digestive health and lose weight which I had been struggling with for a while. She is a good listener and always made me feel comfortable to open up and discuss my health issues. Her recommendations were carefully considered and adapted to fit in with my busy day being a childminder. I was worried about trying an elimination diet at first especially as some of the foods were ones I regularly ate and didn’t think I could do without, but Joanne gave me plenty of alternatives so I found the process easier than I thought. Within just a week of eliminating those foods my bloating is so much better, I have more energy and I’ve lost weight, wearing clothes that I couldn’t fit into before.

SC, Sept 2018

After following the nutrition plan Joanne gave me I have seen a huge improvement in my digestive symptoms. I have also lost weight, especially around the middle which was something I had struggled to do in the past few years. I learned a lot about digestive health during the process and was amazed by how having the right balance of bacteria, plenty of the ‘good guys’ can improve your health. My reflux has almost disappeared and I feel like I can enjoy food again.

AO, May 2018

Joanne always goes the extra mile when it comes to supporting my nutrition goals. After first contacting with the aim of becoming leaner, our first consultation revealed that there were other factors with regards to my lifestyle that needed to change in order to achieve my goals. Working with Joanne has been a real pleasure. I learnt so much from the initial consultation as Joanne always explains any recommendations, which makes the whole process much easier to understand. The on-going support that she offers is something that I very much appreciate and I could not have made the progress I have so far without her.

SJ, April 2019


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