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 Strawberry and Vanilla Overnight Oats

Spicy Hummus

This spicy version of hummus makes a great snack served with celery or carrot sticks, crackers or oat
cakes. The chickpeas provide an excellent source of protein and are high in fibre supporting
digestive health and blood sugar balance. It also provides healthy fats from the olive oil and the
sesame seeds in the Tahini.

 Strawberry and Vanilla Overnight Oats

Cajun Chicken Slaw

Coleslaw is the perfect salad to get a variety of vegetables into your meals so it’s packed full of fibre and nutrients. The tahini dressing is a great alternative to mayonnaise, adding some healthy fats and

 Strawberry and Vanilla Overnight Oats

Speedy Superfood Salad

This delicious, quick salad will help keep blood sugar and energy stable. It’s nutrient dense and also
versatile as it can be adapted for any protein, veg or salad items you have in your cupboard or fridge.  Quinoa makes a great wholegrain carbohydrate choice as it is high in protein, fibre and also micronutrients including magnesium, B vits, iron and potassium.

 Strawberry and Vanilla Overnight Oats

Spicy Bean and Vegetable Soup

A simple, tasty soup which is a great way to increase your vegetable intake.  The beans are also a good source of protein and B vitamins.


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