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 Low Fat Spicy Chicken Stew Recipe

Spicy Sausage Casserole

This warming, tasty, spicy sausage casserole is a perfect autumn recipe.  High in protein and packed full of fibre, it will help maintain stable energy and it also contains a variety of plants which is great for gut health and our beneficial bacteria.

 Low Fat Spicy Chicken Stew Recipe

Mediterranean Style Stew

This delicious, full of flavour stew is great to batch cook. It's full of antioxidant rich vegetables like tomatoes, carrots and peppers. 

 Low Fat Spicy Chicken Stew Recipe

Sweet and Sour Chicken

This is a perfect, healthier alternative to a weekend takeaway.  It also makes  an ideal post workout meal as it’s high in protein and carbs but low in fat.

 Low Fat Spicy Chicken Stew Recipe

Prawn Saganaki

This is a delicious Greek dish with prawns cooked in a tomato sauce topped with creamy feta.  Full of protein, fibre and healthy fats. 

 Low Fat Spicy Chicken Stew Recipe

Asian Noodles

A tasty, quick stir-fry dish which can be made with any meat, fish or veggies. 

Frittata Recipe


Frittata makes a tasty, quick meal and leftovers are useful for breakfast or lunch the next day.  It’s so versatile as any of your favourite ingredients can be added, plus, it's a great way to eat more veggies and increase your fibre intake supporting digestive health.


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