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Eat to Beat Stress is a course to help you manage stress through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Stress can have a huge impact on our lives… it can zap energy, cause digestive issues, affect our mental health and even make weight loss harder. I have designed this course to help understand what causes us stress, how it affects our health and the simple strategies that can be used to reduce its impact. Armed with this information and my support, you will have the opportunity to create your own personalised action plan to help manage stress levels and feel happier and healthier. I will also provide a course information pack which includes: a recipe book, lots of quick meal and snack ideas, information booklet, example meal plan and e mail support for 14 days to help you successfully make changes to your nutrition and lifestyle.
£30 per person 10 places available
Saturday September 28th 9.30-11.30 am Isabella's Coffee Shop, 8 Front Street, Shotley Bridge, DH8 0HH

Revitalise is a nutrition and wellbeing course to empower you to lose weight and take back control of your health.

This 8 week course is for you if you are interested in losing weight, have low energy levels, are suffering from sluggish digestion or feeling a bit low.  It would also be ideal if you are simply just interested in improving your overall health and learning more about nutrition.

The style of each workshop is informal and friendly with the aim of participants supporting and motivating each other to reach goals.  There are also opportunities to sample healthy snacks, ask questions and get nutritional advice.

Each session (every 2 weeks) will consist of a workshop delivered on a particular health topic which will include: strategies for weight loss, blood sugar balance, improving digestive health and reducing stress.  Various health habits are also introduced each session for participants to follow over the next two weeks which are designed to help the client make gradually adjustments to their diet and lifestyle. Participants will also get email support throughout, information sheets/ resources, meal plans and recipes. 

Dates to be announced

For more information about courses or to find out the next venue and dates please contact me and I will be happy to give you more information.