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Case overview

Susan’s goal was to lose weight and to improve her symptoms of bloating, indigestion and low energy which she had suffered from for over a year. A food intolerance test was completed to identify foods that were possibly contributing to her symptoms and was used to create a personalised elimination diet which formed part of a gut healing program.

What Susan thought…

‘’I have been working with Joanne for the past few months to try and improve mydigestive health and lose weight which I had been struggling with for a while. She isa good listener and always made me feel comfortable to open up and discuss myhealth issues. Her recommendations were carefully considered and adapted to fit inwith my busy day being a childminder. I was worried about trying an elimination dietat first especially as some of the foods were ones I regularly ate and didn’t think Icould do without, but Joanne gave me plenty of alternatives so I found the processeseasier than I thought. Within just a week of eliminating those foods my bloating is somuch better, I have more energy and I’ve lost weight, wearing clothes that I couldn’tfit into before.’’


Case overview

Sophies initial goal was to get leaner and she wanted to fit her nutrition around her training to fuel her workouts. After delving a bit deeper into her symptoms and lifestyle there was also an issue with stress that was a potential trigger for some digestive issues that she suffered from. After working with Sophie for the last few months, she has successfully reduced body fat and is more aware of how stress may
affect her. Her next goals which we are working on are to build muscle and also to continue to manage stress levels. I’m looking forward to hear about her progress, she trains exceptionally hard in the gym and along with a nutrition protocol to match I’m a sure she will successfully see gains in the gym.

What Sophie thought…

"Joanne always goes the extra mile when it comes to supporting my nutrition goals. After first contacting with the aim of becoming leaner, our first consultation revealed that there were other factors with regards to my lifestyle that needed to change in order to achieve my goals. Working with Joanne has been a real pleasure. I learnt so much from the initial consultation as Joanne always explains any recommendations, which makes the whole process much easier to understand. The on-going support that she offers is something that I very much appreciate and I could not have made the progress I have so far without her."


Case overview

Tony suffered from several digestive issues, including indigestion, bloating and acid reflux. A diagnostic stool test showed that he suffered from gut dysbiosis, unbalanced gut bacteria. Tony’s personalised nutritional plan involved following a staged gut protocol which would restore his digestive health which included specific supplements and foods to support digestion and gut healing.

What Tony thought…

"After following the nutrition plan Joanne gave me I have seen a huge improvement in my digestive symptoms. I have also lost weight, especially around the middle which was something I had struggled to do in the past few years. I learned a lot about digestive health during the process and was amazed by how having the right balance of bacteria, plenty of the ‘good guys’ can improve your health."